MIKE Programme E-learning Platform is Live!

With support from GiZ, the MIKE Programme has created the CITES MIKE E-learning platform to provide training courses and guides to help MIKE site staff, national officers, and others involved in MIKE implementation. For the moment the platform has three courses that will be open at different times during the year. These are:

  • MIKE Site Monitoring: What and How? This course describes the MIKE site monitoring data requirements and will help you to understand how to collect, manage, verify and submit MIKE data.
  • Making Ranger-based Monitoring Work. This course looks at how to use ranger-based monitoring (RBM) information to inform protected area law enforcement actions and patrol deployments.
  • Using Real-time Operations to Combat Wildlife Crime. This course looks at the emerging role of real-time operations (RTO) in strengthening protected area law enforcement responses to intensifying wildlife crime challenges.

Each course includes, course reading materials, video lectures on each topic, interactive quizzes and exercises, and links to background materials and other videos.

The first course we will be running is the MIKE Site Monitoring: What and How?, which is now open. If you want to boost your understanding of MIKE data collection requirements, how to manage and report data to the MIKE Programme, and how the MIKE Programme works you can register for the course at https://elearning.citesmike.org/

Registering on the platform will also give you instant access to other resources, such as the MIKE Guides, that are available year-round. For the moment two guides are available which relate to:

  • The Law Enforcement Planning Toolkit. The LEPT toolkit is used to assess a site’s law enforcement risks and capacity and to plan future law enforcement strategies and actions. You can learn about all three tools in the toolkit, or just one.
  • MIKE Online Database. The online database provides a simple mechanism for MIKE site and national focal points to compile, manage and analyse MIKE site monitoring data, and to transmit data to the MIKE Central Coordination Unit.

Apologies to our French speaking range States, but for the moment the courses are only available in English; we hope to have them translated into French following this pilot stage.


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