MIKE All-Asia Regional Meeting Held

On 28 April 2018, the MIKE Asia Regional Meeting was held in Bangkok, back-to-back with the Asian Elephant Specialist Group (AsESG) meeting. The MIKE Asia Regional Meeting was attended by all range state officials, AsESG members, members of the MIKE Technical Advisory Group and the MIKE Programme staff. The MIKE Asia Regional Meeting was an invaluable opportunity to meet and hear from all range state officials and the members of the AsESG.

This meeting provided an understanding of the priority activities required for the future. This included issues such as improved site selection and collection of elephant data. Range state officials gave presentations on MIKE implementation in their countries thus far, and the challenges that they face with regards to Asian elephant conservation. Trans-boundary issues were also discussed, and the event provided an opportunity for range states to engage regarding future collaboration.

A working group for MIKE has was been formed by AsESG to provide technical assistance to MIKE programme implementation. A number of requests from Asian range States to update the MIKE site boundaries and to nominate new sites. Dr T.P. Singh, Deputy Regional Director, IUCN Asia Regional Office, formally closed the meeting and thanked all participants for contributing to a productive and insightful event. He also expressed his gratitude to the EU for its support.

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